Senior Night Single Softball Rose Bouquet - Custom Colors

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Here they are!  Perfect gifts for the moms of graduating softball players!  

Graduating high school after playing all those years of rec ball, travel softball, senior league, and finally high school softball is a huge event.  For some, it may mean they are about to go on and play softball at the collegiate level.  For others, it may be the end to year and years of the sport they love the most.  Either way, none of this would have been possible without one person.  A Softball Mom!

Softballl Moms are a unique breed.  Years of dedication to the sport.  Thousands of miles driven in support of a special young man.  Countless times spent scrubbing out those white baseball uniform pants that the coach insisted he wear!

Softball moms deserve a little recognition!  There is no better time to honor these wonderful moms than at Senior Night.  

We have created these special bouquets just to honor those moms. We start with one of our handmade long stem roses, crated from a 100% leather softball.  The we add some greenery and an accent color flower that goes with your school colors.

We place that in a cellophane sleeve and then decorate with ribbon in the school colors.  The special commemorative tag is hung on the bouquet, with lettering in one of the school colors as well as a backing rosette also in a school color.

note: the example pictured is done for a school that wears green and silver

if you need colors not listed above, please leave a comment with the correct color in the comments area during checkout.  

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