Hockey Ornament

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Our personalized Hockey Ornament was first introduced in 2016.  This years options brings more colors to select from and more options as well. 

Made from a 4" glass orb, Our Hockey Ornanament can be customized just for you or your player or for the whole team

All ornaments start off with our ice flake glitter, one of the most dazzling available to us.  The we will add the crossed hockey sticks and puck, 

When you order, you provide

1) The player and player number OR player number and year OR the Team name that you would like placed on the ornament;
2) Then select the color for the three stars at the top;
3) Finally, the color for the above personalization text.

Then we will customize just as you specify and have it on it's way as fast as possible! 

Want to know more? CLICK HERE for more information on our personalized ornaments. 


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