softball mom key chain

Softball Mom Key Chain

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This version of our Softball Key Chain is not personalizable.  These are offered at a slightly reduced cost to the fully personalized Softball keychains that are seen elsewhere on our site. 

Our key chain is constructed from a official "best quality" league ball that uses a composite leather cover. No synthetic leather here, on pvc, only leather that will only get better over the years as natural patina and age makes it softer and more attractive.

These softball keychains are approximately 3" long  and a bit over 2" at their widest part.  

We hand stamp the metal plate and attach it securely with a metal rivet to ensure it does not come off.  When we first released this product, we used the same red stitching to sew the plate on but discovered that after several months the metal plate would wear against the stitching and make it fray.  We solved this with a rivet.

We set a grommet into the top of the softball keychain so that the metal snap ring will not wear the leather either.  

The outside of the key chain is hand stitched with red cord, just like most league balls .  We are extremely proud of our stitching quality.  We strive to make every stitch very tight and evenly spaced.  As with all SportzCrazyMama products , we will never apologize for our quality. Should your softball key chain have a defect in the first 5 years, you may return it for repair. 

Some of our key chains will have a brand logo, others will not.  Every ball has two pieces of leather and only one side has the brand stamp.  If you have a preference, leave us a note during checkout and we will do our best to accommodate your wishes 

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