Basketball Rose

Basketball Rose

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Newly redesigned basketball roses.

We've been making these roses for 4 years now and hit upon a way to make them larger and even more elegant looking.  Our new process made the bud portion longer and more tapered, more like an actual rose bud. 

Handmade Basketball roses are an awesome gift for many special occasions including weddings, proms, and senior nights.

Our Basketball Roses are individually handmade from 100% leather baseballs. We use long stem artificial roses for our stem and then affix our basketball rose bud onto the top of the stem.

We don't cut corners when making our roses. We want to give you the highest quality possible so they will look perfect! Our use of higher quality stems  is going to give you a much higher end look than if we used lesser materials.  These even have that special smell that only a basketball has! 

Our roses are 24" long overall.  The bud portion is a bit over 2.25 inches in lenght.

These roses ship in individual cellophane sleeves