About Us

In February of 2011, Ivy decided she wanted to make baseball cuffs for her and her friends. She pitched the idea to her husband Rob, and they sat down and figured out how to make them. Soon...

baseball cuff...Our baseball cuff was born!  After a few weeks, we realized we could do the same thing with a softball, as well. Our design went through several changes over the years, each new style bringing a more professional and durable product. Today, we are convinced our cuff is the very best on the market.

A few months after the cuff was introduced, we decided to make key chains from 100% leather balls available. Again, several changes were made over the years to make them more durable.  

baseball comboIn 2012, Ivy came up with the idea to make a daisy from leather balls. These became a huge hit almost overnight. Unfortunately, the construction time was much too high. Rob stepped in and came up with a way to make them perfectly each and every time with much less labor.

Sportz Crazy Mama is dedicated to bringing you fun, durable, professional products that you and your team will love for years to come. Our minds are always working, thinking up that next great "Must Have" for you... Watch us, more great stuff coming soon!