Sports Ornaments FAQ

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personalized sports ornamentsWith our Christmas Rush about to start, we wanted to take a few minutes to update with a blog post to give you a little more information about our Sports Ornaments


Our ornaments are glass.  We tested many options before we decided to only use glass.  We made this decision because the plastic ones just dont sparkle and shine like glass.  Plastic ornaments also scratch easily.  Even the needles on artificial trees mar the surface.  Our ornaments are made to be heirloom quality and last for years and years. 

Made to Order

From just after Halloween until around mid December, when we stop accepting orders with guaranteed holiday delivery we work almost 20 hours each day making and shipping your orders.

We try our best to keep lots of our ornaments 'pre made'.  Lets use a Softball Ornament for example.  We keep these glittered with the red laces applied.  Once your order is ready to be made, we apply the customization and then ship the order.  Football ornaments are kept with the lace pattern on them, soccer ornaments have the hexagons applied, etc.

Each ornament has to have the custom work applied and cleaned prior to shipping.

Typically, it takes three to five business days from the time you place your order until your order ships.  During the holiday rush, this can take longer.  

What if I need my order fast

Normally, we process orders on a 'first in' 'first out' basis.

However, we can handle last minute rush orders.  Before you place your order, please email us and let us know what you need and when you need it by.  We will email you back and let you know if we can fulfill and ship your order in time. We will then email you an invoice specifying the date you will have your items and the total charge including the least expensive shipping method that we can use and still make your deadline. 

Team Orders

Absolutely! Last year, we made over 50 team orders!  We can customize these any way that you want.  We can even customize them with an exact full color replica of your team logo if you wish!  Email us for details! 

One Sided Vs Two Sided Design

Our Softball Ornaments, Basebell Ornaments and Tennis Ornaments are 'two sided' designs.  While that isnt really accurate, it's an easy way to describe it. What we mean by this is the the ball design ( the red lacing on the softball and baseball for example) extends all the way around the ornament.  No matter which side you view, it still looks like a softball for example.  Our other ornaments are 'one sided'.  These ornaments are not the same when viewed from all sides.   



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